Aldergate Park

Location: 28688 Aldergate (Aldergate Rd & Menifee Rd)

Administration: Valley Wide - (951) 672-6744

Size: 7 acres

Hours of Operation: 6:00am to 10:00pm

Park Amenities:

Playground facilities
Baseball diamond
Drinking fountain
Off leash dog park


aldgergate park menifeeAldergate Park also offers what appears to be tennis courts, however, there are no fences to contain flying balls, it's hardly usable as a tennis court. It might better off as a badminton court, or possibly a volleyball court.

aldgergate park menifeeAldergate Park also hosts the only off-leash dog park in Menifee Valley. It's technically a flood control basin, however Valley Wide doesn't mind it being used for dogs.


Aldergate Park News - from the Archives of Menifee 24/7

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aldgergate park menifee
aldgergate park menifee